About me


My portrait in a few lines...

  • I was born in Paris. My father is French and my mother is Peruvian.
  • I moved to California 4 years ago; first I discovered San Francisco, then the South Bay.
  • I have a 2 baby boys, always smiling!
  • I studied linguistics and arts in France, where I also worked in the book publishing domain.
  • We often go on unplanned photography journeys together with my husband.
  • I do charcoal drawing in my spare time.
  • I love many kinds of photography, and I try to have a diverse body of work.
  • I enjoy seeing the California sun every day, even if I miss the romantic rainy days, sometimes.
  • I am crazy about asian food, I am happy to be able to find so many asian restaurants here.
  • I have been doing photography since very young. My father was my first "shutter teacher".
  • My husband also shows me his tips and his joy to be a photographer, all around the world.
  • I am big fan of latin music and a really bad singer, but my son do likes mummy's songs!
  • My work is exciting, always different. I love to create ambiances and personalized photo sessions!

I would be honored to be your photographer!

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