Lifestyle Animal Session


All-Inclusive $250

  • 2 hour of shooting at your place (incl. 30 min of visit and setup) or at your favorite park
  • 2 pets max., and 2 people max. interacting with the pet
  • Minimum 30 high resolution un-watermarked processed photographs
  • All photos delivered within 7 to 10 business days via a secure file sharing service
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Session Q&A

What is the focus?

The animal session is designed for people who want to have professional shots of their furry, fluffy, or plumy pet taken. We can capture bonding moments with the owner, as well as solo portraits of the pet.

Any advice for a good session?

Every animal is different and behaves differently. We will need you to help us during the session to interact with the pet, give orders, give it a "framework" to evolve in, or to hold it. You should warn us of what is safe and not safe to do, especially with pets who can behave unpredictably (some cats can do that!). Most often the best thing will be to play with the pet, in order to get a feeling of movement and liveliness in the pictures. We recommend that you bring toys that your pet likes. Petting or cuddling your pet is another option - It will produce more tender pictures with a lot of complicity.

Can we discuss the session in advance?

After you book the session, I will follow up with you to gather your thoughts, discuss the mood and make sure you don't have any unanswered question! All our sessions are tailored and prepared together with the participants.

What photo equipment do you use?

We use professional Canon equipment for the camera and lenses (the 35mm f/1.4 and 85mm f/1.2 prime lenses are our favorites). We also make use of professional lighting equipment (portable Profoto strobes, softboxes, beauty dish, gels...), or reflectors and diffusers when we want to work with natural light.

How much retouching do you do?

We do only light retouching as part of our post-processing work, i.e. what we feel is reasonable and professional. We will always favor lighting, poses, framing, compositions that bring the best out of our subject, during the session itself, and that make retouching unneeded.

Do you use color filters? Black and white?

We can get creative with colors, color grading, backgrounds, cropping, etc., depending on the photo. We will typically deliver several versions of some photos to let you choose between bold and more conventional styles, or black and white and color.

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