Lifestyle Sessions


The photographer comes to you…

We come to your home, garden, favorite park, place or playground to photograph
Your loved ones,
Your cherished things,
Your precious moments.

We offer 8 Lifestyle sessions:

Please note: There is a $1.25/mi travel fee from Cupertino (max. 50mi ~ SF)

Understanding Lifestyle Sessions

A photo session at home is often more convenient, less stressful, more tender. You feel more relaxed and at ease while posing. We will make use of both the available natural light and of our professional portable lighting equipment to make your moments stand out and shine through. We will frame your home decor or garden in an elegant or artistic way. We will constantly adapt to capture beautiful moments of you and all of the participants.

A Lifestyle photo session requires some preparation, even if the purpose is to take photographs without pressure while you are doing the activities you would normally do. It is really important that we talk about the possibilities offered by your home. Because we do not do a pre-visit appointment, 30 minutes will be typically needed to have this conversation and also to perform the setting up of the equipment.

Depending on what you envision, we can optionally provide vintage accessories such as old toys, stuffed animals, baskets, hats, umbrellas, jewelry, pieces of fabric, dentelles, boudoir accessories, various pieces of furniture, and much more. We also have French clothes for babies, kids and women as part of the free included style coaching.

You can discover our Lifestyle work in the Gallery.
For special requests or if you have any question, please contact us.