Lifestyle Portrait Session


All-Inclusive $280

  • 2 hours of shooting at your place (incl. 30 min of visit and setup)
  • 1 person posing (for more, see the Duo and Family&Group sessions)
  • Any age above 2 months old (else, see our dedicated Newborn session)
  • Minimum 30 high resolution un-watermarked processed photographs
  • All photos delivered within 7 to 10 business days via a secure file sharing service
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Session Q&A

What is the focus?

We will do several kinds of portrait shots with different profiles, angles- and close-ups too. The most important is to spend a pleasant moment doing what you want to do. We can tailor the session to any visual preference you might have.

Any advice for babies and young children?

We recommend that Daddy, Grandma, Mummy help us turn the photo session into a fun game, and cheer them up by interacting with Baby. Most often, we won't be looking for posed or unnatural looks, so the best is to distract Baby away from the photographer so that we can capture the most spontaneous attitudes. Remember to have favorites toys or blankets at disposal, select music if you think it can be good to have. Tidy and clean the Baby room(s) if you want to have a wonderful souvenir of Baby's own environment, a tidy room could be a good trick to have Baby explore every corner of it again and rediscover the toys and games he or she likes.

Any advice for grown ups?

Pick your fanciest accessories, we will be happy to use them. We also have a large collection of accessories and clothes in the studio for you to choose from!

How will I know how to pose?

I will give you starting points and directions to pose as needed, but the goal is to shift towards more natural and "un-posed", spontaneous looks and attitudes as the shooting unfolds and that you feel more at ease. The most important is not to rush, having a good time, and taking breaks when needed.

Can we discuss the session in advance?

After you book the session, I will follow up with you to gather your thoughts, discuss the mood and make sure you don't have any unanswered question! All our sessions are tailored and prepared together with the participants.

What photo equipment do you use?

We use professional Canon equipment for the camera and lenses (the 35mm f/1.4 and 85mm f/1.2 prime lenses are our favorites). We also make use of professional lighting equipment (portable Profoto strobes, softboxes, beauty dish...), or reflectors and diffusers when we want to work with natural light.

How much people retouching do you do?

We do professional retouching as part of our post-processing work and what we feel is reasonable. Our goal is to stay true to the individuality and humanity of all the participants. We will always favor lighting setups, poses, framing, compositions that bring the best out of everyone, during the session itself.

Do you do black and white?

We can get creative with colors, color grading, backgrounds, cropping, etc., depending on the photo, as part of our post-processing workflow. We will typically deliver several versions of some photos to let you choose between bold and more conventional styles, or between black and white and color styles.

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