Un peu de Glamour


All-Inclusive $400

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    • 3:00 hours of shooting at your place (incl. 30 min of visit and setup)
    • OR 2:30 hours of shooting in our Studio
    • For one woman of any age (but, at least 18)
    • $30 extra for Mama Glamour special (with baby)
    • $30 extra for Pregnancy Glamour special
    • Bachelorette or bridal gift, up to 4 girlfriends posing
    • Minimum 30 high resolution un-watermarked processed photographs
    • All photos delivered within 7 to 10 business days via a secure file sharing service

What is the focus?

Un peu de Séduction

Glamour photography is all about you, and celebrating your sensuality, beauty, elegance, charm... and your playful side! You will spend an enjoyable moment posing for me as your very best friend-photographer. The session is perfect for romantic or sensualbridal photos, or bachelorette funny pictures with your friends too. You want a Boudoir Mama Session, you can also bring your baby and have a few pics together. The style is what you are the most comfortable with: "Boudoir", "Marie Antoinette"/Masquerade, Boho chic/Bohemian, Sexy sport style, Ethnic, Romantic, Victorian, Pin-up, Vintage, "Drapé", Sexy casual style, Hollywood, Parisian and much more. No matters your age, no matters your body shape, glamour will be a pleasant moment celebrating your femininity. ... We will talk about your desires. If you want a special ambiance or style, the studio is filled with many accessories, including vintage ones.

Session Q&A

Can we discuss the session in advance?

After you book the session, I will follow up with you to gather your thoughts, discuss the mood and make sure you don't have any unanswered question! All our sessions are tailored and prepared together with the participants.

How do you guarantee my online privacy?

We will never post pictures online (or offline, or in prints) without you being aware of it. The privacy of our customers is a top concern for us and we take this very seriously. Normally, for all session types, I will choose with your help 10 pictures from the session to promote my work and engage with potential customers. However, for Pregnancy, Glamour and Newborn sessions, we understand that those can be more intimate moments that you could not want to share, especially as the body can be less covered. For those sessions, we reduce the number of pictures to elect for promotional use to 5, and we make it also possible to not have any picture used for promotional use by adding a small $30 flat fee to the session price.

What photo equipment do you use?

We use professional Canon equipment for the camera and lenses (the 35mm f/1.4 and 85mm f/1.2 prime lenses are our favorites). We also make use of professional lighting equipment (portable Profoto strobes, softboxes, beauty dish...), or reflectors and diffusers when we want to work with natural light.

How much people retouching do you do?

We do professional retouching as part of our post-processing work and what we feel is reasonable. Our goal is to stay true to the individuality and humanity of all the participants. We will always favor lighting setups, poses, framing, compositions that bring the best out of everyone, during the session itself.

Do you do black and white?

We can get creative with colors, color grading, backgrounds, cropping, etc., depending on the photo, as part of our post-processing workflow. We will typically deliver several versions of some photos to let you choose between bold and more conventional styles, or between black and white and color styles.

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